Intercultural Training

interIn time of globalization, multilingualism and intercultural competence have meanwhile become necessary skills. International correspondence and multinational teams have long since become a daily reality in many work areas.

Dr. Schlaefke – Sprache, Kommunikation und Training GmbH understands the acquirement of intercultural abilities as a necessary component in professional training and in qualification processes. In individual determined courses, our skilled intercultural trainers help you to appropriately and effectively interrelate with people from other cultures, to build a successful relationship on a business and private level, and to improve your linguistic abilities.


Intercultural Competence in English

Target Group: Employers and responsible employees, company co-workers who want to prepare for international (business) contact in Germany as a traveler or for assignment abroad.

Contents: This training course is no conventional language training as the focal point of the course is the ability to interact with others in multifaceted intercultural situations in appropriate English.

You will have command of this: The correct use of your English language knowledge in respective to abroad: politeness in English – personal conversations, on the phone, with e-mails and business letters, normal situations in which Small Talk is essential, and reacting positively in unacceptable situations in English.

Through elc European Language Competence, our partner in Frankfurt, we offer additionally an external test.

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