Improve your communication techniques

Improve your communication techniques

You want to improve your communication and rhetoric techniques but don’t know how? Dr. Schlaefke – Sprachen, Kommunikation und Training GmbH offers you a selection of rhetoric seminars and courses with which you can significantly expand your communication techniques both in German and in English. Whether as a business manager, or department manager, sales manager, or simply a student, we create for each a suitable offer.

Following building blocks are built into the general framework of our programs:

  • internal and external influences
  • stylistic methods
  • speech style
  • conflict management
  • presentation techniques

You want to start soon? Here you will find a selection of our programs:

Foundation of Rhetoric: 3 day seminar or individual building blocks

Successful Negotiation: 3 to 6 building blocks or with special arrangement (1 building block in the morning and the next in the afternoon).

Do we have your interest? Please contact us.