Company Training & Business Seminar

Company Training & Business Seminar

Company Training

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Professional further education arrangements in companies offer co-workers not only the decision-making possibility to improve their qualifications but also the motivation to advance themselves. The further education requirements of skill workers and managers in business often arise from a concrete need on the job.

Dr. Schlaefke – Sprachen, Kommunikation und Training GmbH offers companies in the general scope of company trainings and business seminars the occasion to expand and foster the specialized knowledge of the individual workers or teams in the area of the language knowledge and communicative skills. Therefore we place a special emphasis on the production of custom-made offers for every individual of our customers.

Before the creation of a custom-made training program, we carry out mutually with them a needs analysis. This results mostly from a person to person interview but can also be done through a written placement test.

Here you find a selection of possible company trainings and business seminars:

  • 2- Day seminar : Effective Socializing for Professional People (next appointment: 07.09. – 08.09.2017)
  • 3- Day seminar : Presentation Techniques for Professional People (next appointment: 27.09. – 29.09.2017)
  • 2- Day seminar : Meeting Strategies for Professional People (next appointment: 02.11. – 03.11.2017)
  • 3- Day seminar : Business English for Professional People (next appointment: 06.12. – 08.12.2017)

We are happy to give you more details about possible dates, contents and prices personally. Please contact us.

You want to expand your language or communication knowledge in a specific field? Whether Marketing, Operations or Logistics, we would like to put together for you an individual program.

Please contact us. We would like to help you with the placement and the selection of the right course.