Learning Languages

sprache-lernenLanguage requirements of private people as well as skilled workers and managers in commerce often results from concrete needs in school, studies, or job. In order to guarantee an effective language course, a concrete plan is required. We place a lot of value on identifying the individual needs of our customers and adjusting to their needs and their private and professional circumstances. With firms and with private customers, a requirement analysis occurs before a course or training program is created. This results mostly from a person to person interview; it can also be developed through a placement test.


Individual Programs

Mutually with the trainer, you decide yourself the appropriate number of hours. The start of the course and the number of hours can be designed to all variables. A maximum of six hours in a row (at daily seminars eight hours per day) should not be crossed so that the learning remains effective and sufficient time is available for post-processing of course material. You also decide yourself when and how long you would like to learn.

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