On a Language Trip

Language Trip

You want to expand your language knowledge but prefer to do it abroad?

Dr. Schlaefke – Sprachen, Kommunikation und Training GmbH also offers language trips to native speaking English countries. With the selection of our on-site partners, we put a lot of value and quality and custom-made services in our selection. We have personally tested our partners and carefully cultivate an intensive partnership with our contact on-site.



Language School in Canterbury

In the middle of the shire Kent in south-east England, a well-known and well-respected language school for Business English is located in the region. Canterbury Language Training finds itself in a beautifully historical building on one of the quiet side streets in the middle of central Canterbury and acts exclusively with the business people and their work activities who very much value personal and individual care. Only through long standing experiences in the international Executive and Management Training can the highest demands be met. The school is justifiably proud of the excellent endowed reference list and high rate of recommendation and has distinguishes itself especially through a great course flexibility with small groups or with an individual course, with a limited number of course participants and a very experienced teaching staff.

Result: A very exclusive and personal school which permits a fast learning success

Do we have your interests? Our partner in England looks forward to seeing you.  Please contact us.

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Free time
City tours, hiking, golf, visit local pubs, dignified evening meals,