Our Team

Dr. Angelika Schlaefke

Dr. Angelika Schlaefke

Due to her passion for language and culture, she has made them her career. Dr. Angelika Schlaefke discovered early on not only her fondness for teaching but also her talent for interpersonal communication independent of origin and nationality. Dr. Angelika Schlaefke studied at the Justus-Liebig-Univeristät (JLU) in Giessen with English as her major and with French and Psychology as her minor subjects. At the beginning of the 1980’s, JLU created a model program of study “Neuere Fremdsprachen (Modern Languages)” and in the background the idea of an exchange program with their partner, the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (UWM). Dr. Schlaefke took the chance to work as a lecturer at UWM to experience a different culture and through this she developed the philosophy that is still true for her today: “One cannot transfer one system to another, neither is worse or better than the other, it is simply different. And these differences should be seen and used as a positive element.”

Important is particularly the intercultural competence which one has experienced from living in a particular country, but one must not use his own culture as a measuring stick when experiencing another culture.  After returning from the USA, this philosophy formed her basis for the successful foundation of Dr. Schlaefke – Sprache, Kommunikation und Training GmbH in Giessen and Limeshain, which can meanwhile look back at more than 20 years of experience.

The Team

The team at the language school Dr. Schlaefke – Sprachen, Kommunikation und Training GmbH consists of native speaking teachers and trainers who have lived in the respective countries and bring with them occupational and language experiences to the adult education. The trainers have studied as a rule Foreign Language and Pedagogy or business or economics in order to provide our customers linguistic and professional care.

„Sprache ist das Tor zur Welt“ – Our 25th anniversary!